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Exceptional Design and Quality, Environmentally Sustainable

Growth Construction is dedicated to protecting the environment, while building high quality homes. Our unique designs are well reasoned, providing excellent functionality. Our design and construction philosophy views each project as a system. We analyze every individual detail, and study how they work together as a whole.

This approach requires a highly skilled team collaborating on a project from its inception to its completion. This allows us to provide a one of a kind, seamless experience for our clients, while delivering unmatched quality. Our team develops strategies that are project specific to allow us to seek the best practices from each contributor.

We believe that the small details make all of the difference. Our structures are built better, are more efficient, are more functional, are more environmentally sustainable while reducing cost and waste. Every member of our team is highly skilled and dedicated to their particular area of expertise. Their passion results in a beautifully built, and environmentally friendly home.

Our team takes great pride in its work, and this is shown in every aspect of the award winning projects we have completed.

Why Growth Construction?

About UsGrowth Construction handles every detail of the projects that it handles, from design, to conception. By focusing on each detail, we deliver quality that is second to none. Our highly skilled team is thoroughly committed to ensuring that all of our client’s expectations are exceeded.

About UsOur company is recognized as a leader in the industry; we specialize in residential, multi-family, custom homes, commercial and gaming resort hotels in the Las Vegas Area. We are one of the most prominent and successful privately owned real estate development companies in West.

Project Diversification

Our projects consistently meet budgets and schedules while exceeding the expectations of their clients. Our team of highly-qualified professionals is dedicated to providing their clients with unsurpassed results and service.

Custom Homes
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Our team is changing the way custom homes are built. Our approach is different than many other developers; we are able to deliver exceptional results because we strive to not just build high quality, energy efficient structures, but to transform the way people interact with their home. We have maintained a relentless commitment to lead the way in home building innovation by blending unsurpassed energy-efficient technology and sustainable building materials in our projects.

All structures are simply an organized combination of basic building materials. Growth Construction prides itself on staying ahead of new innovations and advancements in the field of building materials. We are confident that no other real estate development company in the world can match the quality and industry leading design of our company. Our projects stay on budget, and are completed by the date promised, with an unmatched quality and attention to detail.

The exceptional results that our team delivers is a direct result of each individual’s commitment to ensuring that the end result of our work not only exceeds the expectations of our clients, but also sets a new standard for the industry. By not simply following the pack, we are able to deliver innovation and quality. Our experienced team members handle every aspect of a project, analyzing every detail, to ensure that the structure as a whole works as a symbiotic unit.

Growth Construction utilizes the latest design techniques to build structures that are uniquely functional, while maintaining industry leading energy efficiency. We strive to ensure that the homes that we design and build last a lifetime, and function impeccably, no matter what requirements our clients specify. Our design and construction divisions work in tandem to ensure that every detail of a project is analyzed to maximize functionality.

Every member of the Growth Construction team cares deeply about the preservation of our environment, and the sustainability of our development projects. By using materials that minimize their footprint on the environment, while still delivering unmatched performance and quality, we are industry leaders in sustainable development. All of the projects that we complete for our clients greatly exceed industry standards for environmental impact.

What Past Clients have to Say

  • My home is absolutely stunning. Every time I see it, it puts a smile on my face. Growth Construction finished building it on schedule, without going over budget. I could not be happier with their work.

  • I wanted a house that expressed my style, while being energy efficient. What Growth Construction delivered was far beyond my expectations.